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There is problem with my test certificate, what does this mean?

COVID related travel rules vary from country to country. Each country has it’s own criteria for COVID tests, covering which types of tests are accepted, time tests must be taken etc.
If you have received an error message about your test certificate, then it means your test doesn’t meet your destinations requirements.
Most commonly this means that either:

  • Your type of test is not accepted. For example, rapid antigen tests are not accepted.
  • The time your test was administered was too long ago. For example, a destination may require a test administered within 48 hours of departure.
  • Your certificate is not in an accepted language. For example, certificates must be in English or Spanish but your certificate is in French only. 

You can view the travel requirements for your destination by clicking on the Travel Requirements section of the summary screen of the TUI fly online check-in page. Please make sure you meet the requirements of your destination. You are responsible to ensure you meet the vaccination or testing rules.

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